Marketing & Communication


As communication and engagement specialists, we provide full service communications, stakeholder engagement, public relations, storytelling, creative and writing services.

Having worked with all levels of government, the broader public sector, non-government agencies and businesses, we have the experience to effectively align project goals with business outcomes.

Passionate about supporting sustainable communities and projects, we bring best practices and innovation to support complex, multi-stakeholder projects.


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Social Media for Business

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We now know that social media is here to stay. If you need to get started or need some guidance on how to do marketing online better—just CONTACT US!

Maybe you have dabbled in it, you know you should do it, but if you spend time doing it—what else isn’t getting done? That’s where our Social Media services come in!  Start off with a Social Media Lite package and we’ll get you started and explain how all this works!  When you see the results—you might just want to go for the full Social Media package! So hey, like right now—just CONTACT US! so we can help you get started in the right program and get your social media rockin’!!

Social Media Full

  • 7 Facebook posts / week
  • Ad Campaign
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Social Media Lite

  • 3 Facebook posts / week
  • Ad campaign
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* All packages require a minimum 3 month commitment.